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Glass glass solar panels with highest Cradle to Cradle certificate

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April 11 2024

We provide 30-year product warranty for all glass glass solar panels, 87% performance guarantee after 30 years. The glass glass solar modules are designed to prioritize lifetime, reliability and long-term savings. Our Glass glass solar panels are safe, fire class A, strong, beautiful and long-lasting. 

  • Glass-glass module assures crop protection against extreme weather conditions such as hail, heat waves, frost, and erosion.
  • Glass-Glass Bifacial module is more resistant to the damage from ammonia (Agri) and salt mist (coastal regions).
  • Resource saving – higher area efficiency, reduction of plastic waste due to less use of foil.
  • Green module – Cradle to cradle certified, low carbon footprint (certified by Certisolis), recyclable 99 %.
Pros & Limitations
Fire class A
Made with 0 C02 emission
Warranty 30 years
European manufacturer
Can be integrated to buildings, walls, roofs and etc.
High level of water, amonia and dust resistance
Weight 30 kg
Specification Title Specification Description
Highest loads in the market (Tested)
Maximum wind/snow load 5400 Pa / 105000 Pa
Bifacial module can get up to 19% more gain when installed on white surfaces
POE lamination
Solar modules with POE lamination film are characterized by better performance and maintenance of efficiency
Fire class A
Glass glass module is safe to use in variuos conditions
Minimum degradation
87% performance guarantee after 30 years
Long warranty
We provide 30-year product warranty for all glass glass solar panels


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SoliTek develops, produces and installs sustainable glass glass and glass foil solar panels, for the rooftops of any kind, integrated into buildings (BIPV) or stand-alone on the ground. Integrated approach gives us control over the entire value chain. We assure our clients the best quality, durability and prompt service. In our factory in the geographical center of Europe, Vilnius, Lithuania we produce wide range of solar panels and more than 80% of them we export to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and USA. 

SoliTek has R&D department, working on solar research with partners worldwide on projects like "Innovative generation possibilities of green energy and storage solutions for e-transport. Engineering department with R&D department looks for solutions of convenient solar power use in our everyday life. So besides usual solar panels we have ready to build solutions for carports with integrated solar panels, solar panels with increased transparency for greenhouses (Agri voltaic) or a wall or roof integrated with solar panels.

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