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Active cooling for wind turbine brake systems

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April 11 2024

The patented Ogab® Sustainable Braking system prevents critical wind turbine failures due to fires and significantly reduces maintenance costs and operational downtime. Its innovative active cooling technology prevents heat escalation in the braking system to increase safety levels and reliability whilst extending the lifespan of system components.

Pros & Limitations
Increased safety
Reduced maintenance and operational downtime
Extended component lifespan
A significantly greater ROI
The cooling technology was tested on an existing brake system, thus not achieving its full potential
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Wind turbine braking systems.
Offering optimised braking temperatures to ensure maximum efficiency, a reduction in degradation of parts and need for maintenance.
Significantly reduces risk of turbine fires, through controlling the temperature of the operating environment.
Little to no maintenance required due to no moving parts and light weight yet highly durable components.
A system that requires no ongoing management due to its one time installation set-up.


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Ogab® are a UK based research and development company specialising in aerodynamics and sustainable technology for the transport and energy industries.

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