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Highly versatile solar only power module for remote off-grid areas

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October 31 2023

The SunPod (10 or 20ft container) design is a special configuration for areas with plenty of sun and no wind or where wind turbines cannot be used. The 'flippable' solar panels generate energy, which is stored into a series of battery packs via the inverters. Load is then distributed from the battery packs to any requested external system. The SunPod can be integrated with a diesel generator when additional power is required. 

The SunPod is benefitted with an extremely compact design. During transit, all of the components can be fitted inside the container for save and easy transport. Due to its mobility, its rapid (dis)assembly time (±60min), and its durability, the SunPod can be used on multiple installations during its life time. This SunPod can be used as a generator for standby, emergency, prime or continuous power supply for mid- to lower power requirements. It can provide continuous and/or peak load, and can be remotely controlled via Satcom. The SunPod offers the operator a carefree, 24/7 continuous load for its remote off-grid facilities.


100% Renewable all-in-one power generator
Net-Zero - CO2 and NOx reduction
Autonomous operating with LoRaWan remote monitoring
Low maintenance - after only every 60-72 months of operation
Configure to the clients requirements before deployment
Large footprint: 15m2
Weight: 6 tons
Currently only applicable for safe zones (Atex option on request only)le


Areas of Application Remote (offshore/onshore) off-grid areas
System rating 10kW
System size (Solar) 18x 550Wp
Net continuous output yield 150-1000W
Peak load capabilities (short intervals) 5- 15kW
Pod capacity (battery storage) 43-86kWh
Transport Single lift, 20ft DNV 271 container

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Amphibious Energy is a renewable energy company based in Delft, the Netherlands. We specialize in designing autonomous, 100% renewable energy power generators, that combine wind- and solar power with storage, in a compact and transportable manner. These first-of-its-kind electrical power generators- EnergyPods, are a sustainable, zero-emission alternative to diesel gensets, and offer affordable, reliable and modern energy.

Amphibious Energy support the following offshore industries off-grid load requirements:

  • Oil&Gas
  • Offshore Wind
  • Maritime
  • Aquaculture
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