SPECTER (Sheet-Pile Eco-Territorial Reinforcement)

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Multi-layered hanging cases for aquatic plants

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August 4 2023

The Sheet-Pile Eco-Territorial Reinforcement (SPECTER) is a multi-layered hanging cases for aquatic plants. It can be installed on existing and new sheet-pile installations to support the restoration of fragmented fish migration routes. Within the cases, plants and other organisms grow, which restores the health of ecosystems.


Creates a green aquatic wall where growing water plants filter the water
Creates habitats where migrating fish can find food and hide from predators
The plants attract birds, bees and other insects
The plants create a pleasant street view with a positive environmental impact
Ponton is required for installation of SPECTER


Areas of Application Waterways
Installation The SPECTER cases are strategically placed along the water using a ponton and a crane.
Environment SPECTER is the only product on the market to enhance nature with sheet-pile installations from an ecological perspective.
Sustainable Development Focuses on the EU goals for the Water Framework Directive.

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ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity. We design and produce functional products which can be used to add ecological value to maritime or regular construction projects.

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