Space2Site - Employee or Contractor Clock-In from Space

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Site monitoring and easy personnel check-in and tracking using real-time satellite imagery

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April 11 2024

Space2Site is a completely new way for remote employees to clock-in on site and enables management teams to monitor remote workers. Our unique patented app uses IoT data, such as location, merged with real-time satellite imagery of your remote worksites to capture your employees or contractors onsite.

Our easy-to-use app is available to download on all app stores making it easy to get employees online, reducing time theft and enabling remote project management. Many companies already use satellite imagery as a method of project tracking, with Space2Site you can add another layer of useful metadata by tracking personnel location activity onsite to provide invaluable visual evidence.

Bespoke tailored service available for example, to identify and tackle who should be within a satellite image and who is acting illegally or fraudulently, as a way to counteract illegal activity and theft in the oil and gas industry.

Using our geofence tool we can ensure that employees or contractors must be onsite to clock into work that day, pinning their exact location on the satellite image which is useful for further analysis and proper asset deployment. If the employee is not within the geofence they will not be able to check-in which can then be flagged in the dashboard. As part of the bespoke service, the geofence tool can also be used to detect illegal activity and aid towards reducing crime and theft overall.

The app can be operated offline, with upload completed once connectivity has been re-established.

Space2Site allows project managers and management teams to monitor sites remote workers around the world and efficiently manage their workforce. Saving time, money, and our planet.

Irrefutable evidence for stakeholders, management team and personnel. 

Risk mitigation strategies through real-time asset identification will be released in our next version.

Pros & Limitations
Patented technology
User friendly application available on iOS and Android
Streamline processes by combining satellite imagery tasking and employee clock-in services
Accurate employee location data pinned to real-time satellite imagery
Random checks available
App works offline
Provide visual proof and data of missing employees or employees that are not onsite during check-in
An extra layer of protection for remote workers on worksites around the world
Detailed dashboard that gives information on check-in times and locations of all employees throughout the project
Privacy issues due to tracking
Device required for check-in (mobile/tablet)
Specification Title Specification Description
User Friendly Mobile Phone Application
Available on iOS and Android
Geofenced Site Locations
Ensure personnel checking in are on-site and within the agreed geofence. The pinned location of employees will also show the location of the staff member at any given time of day.
Check-In Monitoring
Timed and random check-ins ensure all staff are on location.
App Notifications
Contact personnel remotely through push notifications to their devices.
Reporting Dashboard
Using our dashboard you can access all data to provide better insights for current or future projects, including budget management.
Additional Data Layer to Satellite Imagery
Utilise satellite imagery information as Internet of Things Data from personnel to add an additional critical layer of information and understanding of each project.
Attendance Protection
Offers contractors evidence of attendance in the event of a dispute


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Part of Space Aye Ltd, Space 2 Site is an application which provides evidence from space or employee or contractor locations within remote sites whilst providing evidence of project progress anywhere on Earth, with real-time satellite imagery. 

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