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Production of CO₂ free, low-cost Hydrogen, with on-site and on-demand compact & modular solutions

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October 31 2023

Sakowin is developing a CO₂-free, on-demand, on-site solution to produce low-cost hydrogen from methane. We offer a new reactor technology to produce hydrogen and solid carbon from biomethane or natural gas. Using low energy plasma, our process is not only economical in electricity but also low-CAPEX and easily scalable thanks to its modular design. This technological brick will be marketed through OEMs for various markets. Compactness and high energy efficiency make this solution suitable to all industrial sectors interested in competitive CO₂-free hydrogen, e.g. decarbonization of industrial processes, land, sea & air transport sectors, production of green electricity, heating of buildings, or the production of hydrogen for the chemical industry. Installed directly on the consumption site, at the end of a gas line, it allows to use hydrogen on demand, without the need for storing and transporting H₂, and it can be installed on existing gas infrastructures.


Competitive target price
Compact solution
Solid Carbon production
OEM Approach
Development stage - TRL 5


Plasmalysis of methane by low-energy plasma SAKOWIN has identified a relevant and industrially unexploited technology which makes it possible to produce decarbonized hydrogen at competitive cost
Competitive target price Electrical consumption equivalent to steam reforming and its low CAPEX, SAKOWIN's solution makes it possible to reach a cost of producing CO₂-free hydrogen, directly on site, which may be lower than the cost of today's grey hydrogen
Carbon neutrality This technology completely eliminates the generation of CO₂, producing gaseous hydrogen at atmospheric pressure and carbon in solid form (nanometric powder).
Compact and modular Solution fits into existing gas infrastructures and makes it possible to produce hydrogen on demand from a few kg to several tonnes per day
On-demand & on-site production It operates at atmospheric pressure and can be positioned as close as possible to industrial needs or within Hydrogen Refuelling Stations
Electricity Consumption 7 times less electricity than electrolysis

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