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Generate More Energy with Artificial Intelligence in Solar Power Plants

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October 31 2023

Solarify, which emerged with the R&D studies carried out to maximize efficiency; aims to answer the questions of investors such as "Can my solar power plant produce the energy it needs to produce?". While using this technology in the highest level possible, Solarify also makes a difference in data security and information security with end-to-end encryption. Thanks to the fact that many calculations and planning can be carried out through artificial intelligence, account errors are eliminated. Moreover, SPP remote monitoring system provides 24/7 data flow with instant reporting and performance analysis.


Easy and Understandable Operation Management on a Single Page
Remote Power Plant Control
Fast Detection of Energy Losses With 9 Different Alarm Types
Easy Customer Management with 5 Different User Authorizations and Infinite User Limits
Monthly Automatic Performance Report on the Basis of the Plant
Access to Performance and Availability Ratios of Each Power Plant and Substation
IOS and Android Compatible Mobile Application
Lack of production forecasting feature


Solar Asset Management The solar market actors have endless opportunities to manage their assets quite easily and effectively
AI Artificial Intelligence based remote monitoring platform for solar power plants
Compatibility White label business model in web and mobile apps
Transparency Transparency in the operation management thanks to the ticketing page
Installation Time Plug & Play Data Logger

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Loggma Digital Energy Solutions is a start-up that develops software and hardware that supports the efficient management of energy both in production and consumption. In the last four years, Loggma has developed a platform called Solarify, which can perform artificial intelligence-based performance analysis, remote monitoring, and operation management for solar power plants. Our company demonstrates work in developing web, mobile, and IoT applications and artificial intelligence algorithms for the energy industry.

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