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Inline inspection of the "unpiggable" in fired-heaters and pipelines

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May 11 2023

The MERLIN inline inspection tool takes up to 50’000 wall thickness and internal radius readings per metre allowing for identification of tube defects, including: diametric growth; internal and external corrosion; local and general metal loss; pitting and internal fouling.

The bi-directional, single body, neutrally buoyant construction allows the pig to travel with fluid flow for maximum manoeuvrability.

Using the data obtained during the inspection process, Cokebusters can provide Level 1 & 2 FFS/RLA on request.


Single body (able to navigate plug headers)
Able to inspect furnace designs that incorporate common headers
RF A-scan recorded for every measurement
Superior data coverage compared to traditional (grid) UT
Time efficient and cost effective (compared to standard UT and furnace downtime for alternative methods)
Quick deployment ( no shipping of inspection equipment – all hand carry)
Only currently available between 2.5” ID and 12” ID


Applicability Fired heater configurations containing 1D | short-radius return bends | plug headers mule-ears flat-back bends Fired heaters containing multiple tube diameters throughout the process coil Arbour coils, Convection coils containing finned/studded tubing
Areas of Application Process piping within fired heaters | HRSG/OTSG boilers | “unpiggable” pipelines up to 12-inch diameter | Transfer lines | Slop/wastewater lines
Capabilities Detects localised metal loss | Detects pitting | Detects creep damage (bulging, ovality, swelling) | Able to model true corrosion patterns
Certifications / licences Patented design
Collaboration Cokebusters MERLIN inline inspection is available as part of Cokebusters combined decoking and inspection service or stand-alone using a third-party decoking provider.
Compliance Calibrated to recognised standards.
Inspection Data analysis is carried out by fully qualified inspection technicians throughout the on-site inspection process.
System Requirements Requires no Technicians to access the inside of a heater | Usually requires no scaffolding within the radiant box | Requires no surface preparation (grinding) prior to measurement

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About Cokebusters Ltd

Cokebusters is an international company specialising in the provision of mechanical decoking and intelligent inspection of fired heater process tubes. From our headquarters in the United Kingdom and the United States, we are able to consistently deliver quality services to the Oil Refining Industry worldwide.

Benefiting from over 20 years’ experience in the activity of fired heater tube maintenance, we have developed to become a leading centre for independent scientific advancement of fired heater tube decoking & inspection technology.

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