Smart Mooring Integrity Checker (SMIC)

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The smarter way to do mooring monitoring and integrity assessment

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August 4 2023

AMOG’s Smart Mooring Integrity Checker (SMIC) is an automated mooring integrity monitoring system which can detect mooring line failures in all environmental conditions. SMIC provides 24/7 oversight of your floating asset and alerts you when a failure may have occurred through our real-time vessel offset data analytics and machine learning algorithms. SMIC provides rapid indications of anomalous mooring behaviour to allow for immediate response planning – mitigating latent risks to environment, production and personnel safety.


Reduces lag time from leg failure to response, and notifies of certain failures that would otherwise go undetected
Does not require instrumentation in the load path and addresses the limitations of simple Watch Circle analysis of DGPS data
Easy to retrofit to systems using existing instrumentation
24/7 automated monitoring and alerting reduces need for manual analysis of data
Simple use, clear results, and ‘anytime, anywhere’ data interrogation improve the visibility and accessibility of mooring integrity
Automated periodic reports can be used as evidence for compliance and integrity assurance processes
Complemented by the expert support of AMOG’s marine engineers and developers
Requires < 0.5m resolution vessel positioning – if this is not satisfied, hardware can be provided as part of the system solution
Requires > 80% reliable data feed – this can be improved by incorporating multiple data sources


Compliance Automated reporting and interactive data interrogation capabilities provide strong evidence of mooring integrity for assurance processes.
Safe Operating SMIC helps to ensure the safety of workers and the surrounding environment by picking up subtle mooring system failures before they become safety critical.
Flexibility SMIC can process a variety of data sources (DGPS, 6DOF MRU, inclinometer, load cell, metocean data) and allows notification through various methods (email, text, push notifications, custom APIs).
Usability Clarity and usability for a range of user groups is a core principle of SMIC development.
Cloud Platform Your vessel’s full data history is backed-up, secure, and accessible from anywhere.
Machine Learning By incorporating environmental data streams, machine learning can enable advanced predictive analytics of vessel motions.

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Since 1991, AMOG Consulting has been providing engineering solutions to the offshore industry, resources, transport, and defence sectors.

With a proven track record of delivering projects across the full range of offshore activities from pre-feasibility through Pre-Feed, FEED, detailed design and installation management, AMOG has provided structural, naval architecture, risk and safety, and installation services.

Through ongoing R&D, including spearheading joint industry initiatives, we have become experts in mooring and riser systems; using state of the art software, advanced numerical techniques, and design analysis to help clients operate with greater efficiency and safety.

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