Smart Field Support

Next Generation Field Support

Smart Field Support has one goal: Improving the interaction between Human and Machine and optimize efficiency and safety. With Smart Field Support we bring valuable information to any field operator and help them to optimize their daily work. It is more challenging to find people with the right skills and train them efficiently while systems are getting more complex. Smart Field Support speeds up training while your most experienced crew has more time available.


Store vital knowledge for future generation operators
Real-time decision support
Connectable with tools that are already in use
Give Remote Support to your customers/colleagues
Cut training time in half
Easy and fast to deploy
Works on all smart devices
Procedures need to be clear and documents digitized


Areas of Application In and around complex installations and machines.
Certification/ Licenses Depending on the scale of the application a software licence is needed.
Compliance Log and store performed safety or maintenance procedures for audits.
Capabilities Drive efficiency and safety while capturing vital installation/operation knowledge for future generations.
Training Vital knowledge can be captured in the application, does not have to be transferred to the employee.
Reporting Automatically log procedures.
Remote Support Remote support/troubleshoot by sharing live & secured video feed | AR instructions | Chat in 70 languages
Deployment Application is triggered by picture recognition | Easy and fast set-up and no heavy 3D rendering
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Readiness Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

TechBinder aims to improve human-machine interaction by using new technologies. We believe in the power of combining technology that is already out there. This way we can innovate fast and deliver easy to use scalable and cyber-secure solutions. We do this by partnering with strong technology providers with a proven track record. We focus on maritime and industrial operations where we design of the shelf solutions and help customers with specific needs. 

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