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Optimise the efficiency, behavior and lifespan of mission critical assets

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May 11 2023

Synengco’s decision-support toolkit, underpinned by our machine-learning software, SentientSystem™, enables superior management of asset performance through the optimisation of control systems, receipt of early warnings, performance of root cause analysis and fault detection.

As the asset progresses through its lifecycle, SentientSystem’s digital twin learns the changed behavior, including the relationship with its evolving environment. This digital replication of the asset provides real time certainty in real-time and future decision making.


Powerful simulation engine that is based on self-learning hybrid modelling methodologies.
SentientSystem™ uses empirical data in conjunction with a physics based model to configure a detailed and dynamic digital-twin of a complex asset system.
It automatically tunes component parts using real operational data and knowledge to accurately represent the asset’s behavior.
National and international partners whose knowledge and products complement SentientSystem’s innovative data analytics, decision support capabilities and knowledge bank
Recently saved a coal-fired power plant $1 million dollars a month over a year period
Levels of improvement correspond to a CO2 equivalent saving of around 180,000 tonnes per year
A smaller company with a low profile


Accuracy A physics based model in conjunction with empirical data gives SentientSystem unparalleled accuracy. 
Areas of Application The platform is industry agnostic and can be applied to anything asset intensive: from power stations, to buildings and entire portfolio modelling. 
Digitisation Combine fundamental knowledge and experimental data with ground-breaking machine learning and AI to create a digital twin of any complex system.
Modelling First gather data and model assets, systems and operations in a tailored digital twin.
Monitoring Track an assets performance and gather information about its components. The digital twin lets us see exactly how your asset is operating, including changes to performance.
Optimisation A set of optimisation instructions are applied to make and sustain significant improvements in your asset or multiple assets performance.
Prediction Artificial intelligence is applied to predict how an asset will perform under various circumstances. It can also predict when faults will occur and how likely they are.

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About Synengco

For more than 17 years Synengco has been helping customers drive optimisation and efficiency of their assets. 

Through the use of real-time monitoring and powerful modelling we have been helping managers of complex asset systems find improvements while being alert to operational threats and opportunities.

Synengco was started in February 2001 as a consulting firm advising companies on opportunities within their asset portfolio. Synengco continues to be a leader in analysing complex power generation systems after 15 years of global success in the area.

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