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Safety Culture Training Simulator

5 Years safety culture experience in a single day

The SCTS provides management with the opportunity to manage a company of c. 1000 staff organised into 6 departments operating in a high-risk environment over a 5 year period. During this time, participants are introduced to the core concepts surrounding the measurement and evaluation of corporate safety culture. At the end of the 1-day course, participants will have gained the equivalent of 5 years of safety culture management experience in a single day.


Due to its size, the learning environment is not conducive to being readily transported from one location to another.


Accuracy Faithful reproduction of an actual organisation operating in a high risk environment over a 5 year period.
Areas of Application Any organisation where safety management is an important component of ongoing operations.
Capabilities Provides the equivalent of 5 years immediately applicable experience in the space of a single day.
Measurement Teaches advanced concepts in the measurement and evaluation of organisational safety culture.
Safety Designed to assist organisations take the ultimate step toward a zero accident environment.

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About Safety Culture Services Ltd.

The flagship of Safety Culture Services Ltd. is our Safety Culture Learning Environment. In addition to this unique safety culture training tool, we also offer short classroom Safety Culture and HSE Performance Management training sessions. For organisations wishing to implement safety culture analysis and monitoring systems, we are available to advise and guide them from initial concept through to the final implementation of the ideal monitoring tools appropriate to their organisation.