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Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

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August 4 2023

With the RTM series, our latest product we developed, you can easily clean your solar panels with a remote control without any effort. With a daily cleaning capacity of 1-3 MW, 2 double-sided brush systems, battery and electric model options, it can serve in accordance with all projects.


RTM can work 4 hours with 1 battery
RTM can be operated at 25 degree of array angle
Only 2350 pa pressure is applied by RTM. The lightest robot.
Deep cleaning with non-scratching double brush
RTM is not fully automated robot.


Application range Suitable for all solar panels | Passing through spaces between panels up to 55 cm
Daily cleaning capacity 1-3 MW
Operation Remote Control | cordless and corded usage
Cleaning type Wet and non-water working feature
Brush Type Dual brush | 1st class brush that does not scratch glass surface
Weight 40-59 kg

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As the Robsys team, we have been working on automation cleaning robots for more than 15 years in order to increase occupational safety and reduce costs in cleaning.

We produce professional solutions to increase energy efficiency and ensure sustainability in the rapidly growing SPPs in the world and in our country, with the work we do by constantly increasing our team, our capacity and our R&D power. Our goal is to ensure continuity in green energy.

Since we attach great importance to the original, functional and technological designs of the solutions we develop, we produce innovative and high-capacity robots.

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