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Romware Covid Radius

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Ensure safe operations and protect the health of every worker

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May 8 2023

How do I ensure safe operations and protect the health of every worker? How to halt COVID-19 from spreading in the workplace? How to enforce preventive measures? Industries such as Construction & Infrastructures, Logistics & Warehousing, Manufacturing and Port Services require precise and reliable safety tools. Romware offers a plug and-play industrial wearable.

Versatec Energy B.V. is the reseller of Romware solutions for the Netherlands.


Prevent infections through physical distancing, detecting Worker-to-Worker distance incidents and notifying workers involved
Measure compliance monitoring company-wide performance of risk containment measures
Trace contacts of infected personnel, keeping a better control of infection risk within the workplace
Lone worker safety solution: automatic man-down notifications and SOS button
Certified Health and Safety worker coach to support personnel in maintaining safe behaviour
Define a number of workers per area, detect incidents and notify workers involved
No need for data connection
Reduced applciation after COVID-19 pandemic


Areas of Application Industries such as Construction & Infraestructures, Logistics & Warehousing, Manufacturing and Port Services
Connectivity LTE(m) cellular data | GNSS/GPS positioning | UWB high-res positioning | USB
Distance Detect Worker-to-Worker distance
Messaging Notify workers involved in any kind of incident, as well as man-down or SOS alerts
Monitoring Fall detection | Vibration measurement | Wrist detection | Temperature
Safety Halt COVID-19 from spreading in the workplace

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About Romware

We are all about making the most of your current resources. Why disrupt your business when there’s still so much room for improvement? This is where the power of Industrial IoT (IIoT) comes into play. One simple product protects your equipment ROI and your workers. The workplace of the future is not all about robots, it’s about intelligence, safety and agility. We empower your workers and believe the future depends on actual solutions that solve real-life problems and even save lives.

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