Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring

Active safety on the drill floor

The main goal of offshore drillers is to operate their rigs as efficiently and safely as possible. The drill floor is a dangerous place to operate. Heavy equipment is moving around, but despite this, people are still required to perform specific jobs in the same area, so-called red zones.

For this reason, we developed a system that constantly monitors the drill floor. Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring maximises the safety on your drill floor through its advanced analytics capabilities.


Improved safety on the drill floor
Reduced downtime and number of incidents
Easy-to-implement and robust system with high operational reliability
Enhanced operational drilling procedures
Cost-effective solution
Necessity of direct drilling crew involvement


Accuracy High accuracy in locating people: better than 50 cm. Low latency down to 500 ms.
Applicability Broad spectrum of climatological conditions (rain, snow, etc.)
Areas of Application Offshore drilling rigs.
ATEX certified Hazardous Area certifications (ATEX/IECEx zone 1).
Capabilities Detect & Locate People | Alert in case of red zone breaches | Remote access & analysis
Certifications / licences Offshore certified system of proven hardware.
Modular design Modular setup, allowing a scaled-up implementation to accommodate changing requirements by client.
Protection General Data Protection Regulation compliant. Your rig, your operation, your data.

About Rolloos

Rolloos contributes to a more efficient and safe heavy industry through innovation and excellent service. We aim to create solutions that provide you with the best possible insights to make your operation excel. Whether that is a precise weight indication of your load, automated alarms and image detection within your CCTV system or direct communication through our connectivity solutions: Rolloos leverage accurate, fast and secure information into valuable insights.
With Rolloos you improve your safety and efficiency.

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