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Rocsole Tank Profiler - LITI

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Know what's in your tank

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:43

LITI stands for "Liquid In-Tank Inspection". Rocsole Tank Profiler is a proven, high-performance sensor, which enables you to accurately measure and control the distribution of fluids (water, oil, gas, emulsion, sand, sludge) in separators and tanks in real-time. Rocsole Profiler is a safe, field calibration free, non-nucleonic device that gives real-time profiling for oil and gas operators. The technology is to be applied for onshore, topsides, subsea applications, and it is designed for demanding industrial conditions. Rocsole’s technology is developed in a way that it doesn't get bogged down by contamination and it can effectively image separation despite the deposition or any other contamination.


Full profiling
Real-time process optimisation
Improved process by optimising emulsion layer
Non nucleonic - Improved HSE
Reduce need for shutdowns
Extremely robust - for hazardous areas
Works even when contaminated
Low maintenance
Accurate level measurement (emulsion, oil, water, air, sludge, sand, low & high slope...)
Maximum cable length of 90 meters


Accuracy Accuracy is half of the electrode size, so in best scenario it can be less than 1 cm.
Areas of Application Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Education
Certifications / licences IECEx & ATEX
Installation Easy to install, no moving parts
OPEX Optimised processes, optimised maintenance
Safety 100% safe to use | No radioactive sources | Improved HSE
Speed Rocsole's tomographic measurement takes less than a second | Real time data 24/7
Temperature Can be used in high temperature & pressure processes.

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About Rocsole

Rocsole Inc is a leading provider of tomography technology for industrial processes. Rocsole provides solutions for level/interface measurement under multiphase flow and fouling conditions. Established in 2012, and venture-backed by Shell, Repsol and Equinor, the company serves some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, along with other heavy industries. Our customers use Rocsole's systems for example for monitoring of pipe deposition and tank level interfaces. The accurate data provided by the system allows them to optimise their processes for major annual savings. Our main focus is in the oil & gas industry, especially in providing monitoring systems for improved flow assurance in the upstream sector. Our systems are ATEX/IECEx approved and withstand harsh process conditions.

+358 40 775 6993
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