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Coupled hydraulic fracture, reservoir, and geomechanics simulator

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April 11 2024

ResFrac’s proven solution helps upstream oil and gas producers simulate the entire well lifecycle in a single integrated simulator to maximize capital returns. 

Pros & Limitations
ResFrac is the only solution that helps upstream oil and gas producers simulate the entire well lifecycle
Single integrated simulator to maximize capital returns
Interdisciplinary science-based guidance on how to design and manage well lifecycles
Proven with over 30 operators across every major shale play
The expert ResFrac team offers turnkey solutions in only 3-4 months
An easy-to-use, transparent end-user experience
Computational complexity can limit the scale of models
Complex software requires training (provided with every license)
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Unconventional Oil Extraction, Hydraulic Fracturing, Reservoir Simulation, Geophysics Software, Enhanced Geothermal , Oil and Gas Simulation.
We offer licenses for the use of the software and also provide services based on our technology and expertise.
Fracture Propagation, Reservoir Flow, Thermodynamics and Geomechanics.
Cluster spacing, well spacing (lateral and vertical), limited-entry, propant and fluid volume, parent/child mitigation, EOR, EGS, DFITs.
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Established in 2018 and backed by Altira Group, ResFrac Corporation makes hydraulic fracturing and reservoir simulation software and provides consulting services for the exploration and production industry. 

ResFrac software is used by 30+ E&P companies in major shale basins across the globe.

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