Reef Enhancing Breakwater

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Protection from coastal erosion and enhancement of marine ecosystems

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April 11 2024

Reef Enhancing Breakwaters (REB) are modular artificial reef structures. REB is stable to dissipate wave energy to protect the coasts from erosion whilst providing the required substrate and habitat complexity to boost marine biodiversity.

REB is a unique solution distinctly different from traditional breakwaters and artificial reefs. Traditional solid concrete breakwaters can be damaging to marine ecosystems, while currently available artificial reef structures are often not stable enough to dissipate waves and ensure coastal protection. 


Pros & Limitations
Efficient coastal protection from day 1
Support and enhancement of native marine ecosystems
Carbon sequestration
Designed for easy installation
Protection of touristic beaches for resorts
Location specific solution
Specification Title Specification Description
Coastal protection
Reef Enhancing Breakwaters (REB) dissipate up to 90% of wave energy protecting beaches and assets from erosion
Marine biodiversity boost
Reef Enhancing Breakwaters (REB) provide surface complexity and habitat cavities necessary for healthy marine flora and fauna
Beach maintenance
Reef Enhancing Breakwaters (REB) are cost efficient solutions for protection and maintenance of beaches


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Reefy has developed and tested the first modular artificial reef structure that is stable enough to dissipate wave energy to protect the coasts from erosion whilst providing the required substrate and habitat complexity to boost marine biodiversity. This patented innovation in coastal infrastructure is the REB: Reef Enhancing Breakwater.

Natural coral reefs are supporting 25% of marine life globally, however according to the latest estimates 70-90% of reefs may disappear due to global warming. Reefy's solutions combine marine biology with engineering to protect livelihoods and food supply of one billion people in the coastal areas. 

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