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Power-efficient, reliable, high-flow-rate electric submersible pump for high-enthalpy geothermal systems

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August 4 2023

How it improves geothermal wells

REDA Thermal power-efficient geothermal electric submersible pumps reliably lift fluids in high-enthalpy geothermal wells, delivering high flow rates with maximum electrical efficiency, minimal maintenance, and long run life.The combination of reliability and efficiency enables profitable production from geothermal wells that were previously uneconomical to produce—with minimal parasitic power load.

How it works

Using energy-efficient permanent magnet motor (PMM) technology and motor sections with high power density, REDA Thermal pump performs reliably in geothermal wells at setting depths up to 5,000 ft [1,500 m]. The modular assembly accelerates installation, reducing rig time from several days (for a typical line shaft pump installation) to a few hours. Optional downhole monitoring sensors enable monitoring of pump and reservoir operating parameters and control of some pump functions to extend run life.

Additional information

REDA Thermal pumps are the product of more than 100 years of ESP development and deployment, including decades in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) projects, where lower-flow-rate ESP systems operate with run life exceeding 6 years in harsh oil environments up to 480 degF [250 degC]. The most recent advances include novel materials and elastomers to survive geothermal fluid composition and temperatures.


  • Deep setting depths

  • Deviated wells

  • High-enthalpy reservoirs with depleted pressures

  • Enhanced geothermal systems (EGS)



Long run life at common geothermal well temperatures > 400 degF [> 200 degC] compared to traditional ESP technology
Deeper and more complex well profiles, less maintenance and faster installation compared to line-shaft pumps
Power-efficient, reliable
High flow rates
Designed for high-enthalpy geothermal systems
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Max. bottomhole temperature 440 degF [225 degC]
Casing size 9 5⁄8-in and larger
Flow rates up to 640 m3/h [2,800 galUS/min]
Pump OD 6.75 to 11.25 inch
Max power at 60 Hz 850 hp [0.63 MW]

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