QWIX Well Integrity Solution

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Ultrasonic well integrity tool delivers ultrahigh fidelity well barrier data with unmatched accuracy

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April 11 2024

QWIX™ by Quest Integrity delivers ultrahigh-fidelity data and graphics through the most efficient collection, analysis, and communication of reliable and informative results on the casing well barrier element (WBE).

QWIX detects and quantifies corrosion, and its changes over time, enabling better well-field risk management.

QWIX owes its deep roots in non-destructive examination (NDE) and analysis to Quest Integrity, which has developed rigorous and trusted integrity technology and software that provide cost-effective information to optimize productivity and prevent loss of containment.

QWIX can be used to assess current casing condition, forecast well-life expectancy, and assist with remedial-work planning to support decisions across your organization.

QWIX offers the ability to regularly monitor well integrity to help ensure operational safety. This enables operators to demonstrate, to government regulators and the community in which they operate, a proactive approach to HSE requirements.

Field tested and validated across numerous fields in Australia, the QWIX has been used to accurately evaluate the integrity of over 500 wells since June 2021.

Pros & Limitations
High resolution casing and pipe inspection for integrity assessment and prediction
Memory based, can be run on wireline or slickline
Compact Size
The most accurate, reliable, and repeatable data acquisition on the market to facilitate engineering assessment of your well casings
Onsite review of data by Quest Integrity crews means immediate action can be taken to address identified well integrity issues
Identify defects, anomalies, and corrosion at mm/fractions of an inch sizes
Requires a couplant for transmission of the ultrasonic signal
Specification Title Specification Description
Corrosion Identification
Accurately assess internal and external corrosion
Areas of Application
Corrosion detection | Wall thickness measurements | Corrosion growth rates | Well Barrier Element assessment
Broad range of casing sizes can be logged
QWIX tools are capable of logging casing size from 2 in to 48 in
Detailed Engineering Assessments using QWIX aquired data
Quest’s engineering experts can utilize QWIX data to calculate the remaining life and fitness-for-service of casing's in accordance with API 579/ASME FFS-1 standards
Multiple Sensors
The QIWX uses multiple independent ultrasonic sensors to obatin continuous overlapping data
Memory based
QWIX records logged data internally, allowing it to be run on wireline or slickline


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Quest Integrity is a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity and reliability management services.

Our integrated solutions consist of technology-enabled, advanced inspection and engineering assessment services and products that help organizations in the pipeline, refining, chemical, syngas and power industries improve operational planning, increase profitability, and reduce operational and safety risks.

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