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We ensure EVERY electrical job is compliant and safe!

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August 4 2023

As an asset owner, you don’t know if the electrical installation/testing really is compliant or not… until now!
QuickSafety is the Electrical Compliance app that keeps everyone risk free! QuickSafety’s real-time portal lets you, and your team, see testing results by any electrician and validates this testing to Australian Standards. QuickSafety is a fully Certified AS/NZS3000 and AS/NZS3017 compliance product, also approved by each state electrical regulator, that reduces your companies’ risk, validates compliance to ensure safety, provides complete transparency, secure storage for 7 years and satisfies all regulatory requirements. Quick Safety provides solutions for preventing power loss by preventative and proactive ways to monitor circuit and RCD health. QuickSafety also provides the only National Safety Alert System for the electrical trade, free to all electricians.
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QuickSafety is removing risk and making life easier for everyone from the electricians to the asset owners!
Can integrate into most management/asset software systems seamlessly
Meets all your state and federal compliance requirements
Provides court-legal documents and audit trails for all testing
Fully Certified AS/NZS3000 and AS/NZS3017 product
Currently only available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia


Areas of Application All Electrical Inspection & Testing, RCD, Regulatory or Scheduled Testing across any industry.
Certifications / licences Fully Certified to AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 3017 and approved by each States Electrical Regulator.
Connectivity Even if you’re out of mobile range, you won’t lose your work or have to start over. QuickSafety stores your data for easy upload later on.
Security All Certificates of Compliance and Test results are stored in Immutable Data Records (Court legal documents) for 7 years.
Software Nothing to install, web browser based. Fully capable of integration with any asset or management program.
Speed No paperwork! Reduces electricians time, removes all Admin time, and allows anyone to oversee compliance was undertaken properly.
Storage Includes 7-year storage of all Certificates and Testing data. Accessible anytime, anyplace!


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Having worked in the electrical / electronics industry since 1980, then consulting back to the industry from 2009, it was dealing with clients’ frustrations that Kurt saw an opportunity to make a difference and right a lot of wrongs. Alleviating the pain felt by the electricians on-the-ground, electrical contractors and the asset owners.

In Feb 2016 an opportunity came up to launch QuickSafety, during the Collaborate Small Business Challenge sponsored by Microsoft, Suncorp, CCIQ and BlueChilli. Since placing in the top 4 of this competition - QuickSafety has grown in leaps and bounds, always developing and working on what the customers wanted. 

June 2018 – Voted one of nine startups making the world a better place.

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