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Dynamic Downhole Reservoir Management System

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May 21 2023

The world’s first re-deployable wireless completion technology, PulseEight allows greater recovery gains from any well. It provides the most direct way to reduce lifting costs, improve economic viability, extend productive life and increase recovery rates. PulseEight employs Fluid Harmonics production telemetry that puts produced fluids to work as a two-way channel for data and tool commands. PulseEight functionality offers a broad range of possible applications, including downhole pressure and temperature profiling, interval control and ambient valve replacement.


Enhances well performance
Improves marginal field economics
Reduces requirements for well intervention
Re-deployable intelligent asset
Easily programmable parameters
Compliance with existing completion
Proven in gas, liquids and multiphase fluids
Maintains safety, addresses integrity issues and supports compliance
Mitigates well performance uncertainty
Currently only available for deployment in 3-1/2” tubing and above


Asset Life Extension Reduced intervention/workover requirements. | Improves reservoir understanding by providing downhole pressure and temperature data.
Deployment The tool can be deployed using various methods; e-line, slickline, coil tubing and tubing.
Capabilities Achieves sufficient level of communication without the need for additional downhole “jewellery”, such as signal boosters or repeater systems.
Safety Eliminates traditional hydraulic or electric control lines, which helps to reduce overall costs whilst delivering an improved design from a safety aspect.
CAPEX Traditional systems incur significant CAPEX for initial deployment and increased risk due to possible damage of control lines. PulseEight drives down CAPEX in new wells.

Relative Business Impact

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Tendeka

Tendeka is a global specialist in advanced completions, production solutions and sand management for the oil and gas industry.

From simple to complex well designs, the company has extensive track record in enhancing productivity for clients’ reservoirs offshore and onshore. Tendeka invests in research and development, bringing to market disruptive technologies and offering solutions targeted to operators’ specific production challenges.

Established in 2009, Tendeka operates globally: regional HQs in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America

+44 1224 238 950
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