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ProLion - Advanced Li-ion Electrolyte

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Novel Advanced Li-ion Electrolyte Innovation

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March 14 2023

The proper choice of battery electrolyte is key to achieving safe and robust operation, fast-charging, long cycle life and operability in both hot and cold environments.

Li-ion battery electrolytes typically employ LiPF6 salt. However, the thermal instability of LiPF6 limits operable cell temperature and cycle life and necessitates expensive battery pack cooling systems. BroadBit Batteries introduces ProLion: its new, high-performance electrolyte for Li-ion cells. This new Li-ion electrolyte overcomes the key performance limitations of current Li-ion electrolytes and enables higher temperature operation, improved safety, longer cycle-life, faster charging and higher power (especially in cold conditions).

With BroadBit’s ProLion electrolytes, Li-ion batteries set new world record cycle life in three important product categories:

  • Highest-Performing LCO batteries
  • Cost-effective LFP batteries
  • Co & Ni-free 4.2 V LMFP batteries

And enables:

  • Extended cycle-life NMC batteries

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Improved battery cycle-life (Tested for NMC, LCO, LFP & LMFP)
Higher temperature stability (Long term stable up to 75℃ )
Higher voltage / faster charging (Stable up to >4.4 V charging voltage)
Lower resistance electrode-electrolyte interface / higher discharge capacity (>200 mAh/g @ 0.1C, >180 mAh/g @ 1C)
Improved safety (No thermal runaway even at 250℃ & Does not form HF in contact with H2O)
Higher initial cycle Coulombic efficiency (94% for graphite, 91% for NMC)
Higher low temperature conductivity (3.2 mS/cm at -10℃ )
Better low-temperature performance (-20℃ capacity retention = 77% of RT)
Plug-and-place replacement for traditional LiPF6-based electrolyte.
Electrolyte must be maintained in a moisturizer free (below 40ppm H2O) environment.


Areas of Applications Energy Storage | Li-ion cells
Life Shelf life is 2 months
Compatibility Compatible with all the Li-ion chemistries
ISO Certifications ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About BroadBit Batteries Oy

BroadBit is a technology company based in Finland revolutionizing the battery industry by developing and commercializing innovative new chemistries to power the future green economy. BroadBit has an extensive patent portfolio covering both Na-salt & Li-ion based battery technologies and unique green manufacturing methods recognized by numerous awards and grants.

+358 44 3737748
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