PPO identity

Seamless interaction between people, places and objects

PPO identity distincts People, Places and Objects, by adding a connection and a unique digital profile. The PoY nodes, gateways and data platform catch and analyze the data and make interaction between People, Places and Objects visible and recognize and predict events for actionability. We capture and increase the value of information and behaviour into your business. Uncover the value between interactions and relationships with us.



Small, wearable, low energy nodes
Easy to install and maintain
Expandable: multiple connections in a greater area and multiple locations
Seamless interaction


Areas of Application Industrial and office environments.
Capabilities Compliance check worker in safe zone | Security entry switching system | Smart controlled room system | Digital doorbell system | Asset management on location system
Certifications / licences Through our suppliers.
Connectivity Bluetooth low energy technology.
Hands free operating No action is needed by people or assets to communicate with the system. Interaction with the system is wireless, handsfree and seamless.
Implementation time Easy and quick to install with our action editor.
People tracking People behaviour and location is detected.
Response time Real time and adjustable.
Usability Technology can be used in multiple use cases in multiple markets.

About AMI.group

AMI builds connected intelligent systems of physical assets to create solutions for safety, security, cost optimization and peace of mind. From connectivity, to identities and interaction, PoY is able to recognize or even predict events. This unique way of digital interaction makes it possible to use events for actionability. As a result, we are able to focus on a human-centric design approach, and create simple seamless interaction between digital and physical worlds. Environments and objects within will now be able to respond seamlessly to people’s behaviour.

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