Power Quality and load monitoring

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Retrofittable remote monitoring of transformer and substation

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April 11 2024

For whom?
Electricity grid owners and operators (DSO’s), renewable power producers, critical asset owners and operators

Real-time power quality monitoring solution

Always the latest status of your grid infrastructure
Withthegrid provides a real-time monitoring solution for DSO’s to monitor their Low and Medium voltage grid. The solution can be retrofitted in any substation or transformer or installed jointly with new installations.

Deep Insights and control
The Power Quality solution is able to monitor an extensive range of metrics giving detailed insights into the load and performance of the connected assets. The modularity of the system allows for unlimited expansion to monitor any component.

Easily installed in the field
The device can be easily installed by mechanics and depending on regulation the power does not need to be switched off. The ability to work with current transformers or ragowski coils means that any situation is suitable to monitor.

Full flexibility to meet all situations
The base station can be extended with extension modules. Directly powered and connected via standard Modbus UTP cable. Up to 10 extension modules can be connected to 1 base unit.


Pros & Limitations
Deep insights and control
Easily installed in the field
Flexibel to meet all situations
Inspection cycle time reduction
Save costs
Increased renewable power distribution
Prevent outages and increase asset lifetime
Physicial installation of device required
Specification Title Specification Description
Grid monitoring
Existing grid insights take place on the high-voltage or medium voltage grid. These substations are equipped with SCADA systems generating data
Real time insights
eyond the medium voltage grid, the DSO largely operates in the dark. Given the rapidly changing dynamics in the LV grid due to electrification and the energy transition more and real-time insight is required.
Power Quality
The DSO is responsible for ensuring a safe and high quality of supply to its customers
Anomaly Detection
Identifying faults in the low voltage grids takes time. With real-time monitoring this process can be sped up significantly.
Early Warning
anomaly detection algorithms can provide additional insights and preliminary warnings with more precise fault locations.
Inspection Reduction
Lack of technical personnel is affecting the speed of the energy transition. With real-time monitoring physical inspection cycles can be reduced freeing up valuable time for other activities.
Power Factor
Active Power
Reactive Power
Apparent Power


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Withthegrid provides an asset monitoring application (AMP) that enables owners and operators to digitalize their operations. With better and real-time insights they achieve higher margins, shorter downtime and longer asset life. The platform connects to any IoT device or other data source, analyzes time series data, detects anomalies and assigns them to personnel.

About Withthegrid
• Since 2016 it is Withthegrid’s mission to support the energy transition with monitoring and anomaly detection solutions for infrastructure.
• Withthegrid provides a secure asset monitoring application to visualise data from IoT sensors for subsequent analysis and failure detection.
• Withthegrid digitalises asset management and maintenance work processes, recommending who should do what and by when.
• By combining industry know-how and technology, Withthegrid is able to deliver support and quick results to asset owners and their service providers.

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