POS-SET Conductor Connector

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Safe & efficient way to get back onto old wells

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April 11 2024

A Connector designed to reconnect to bare conductor pipe (or other damaged profiles) for well re-entry or plug and abandonment (P&A) operations while maintaining full pressure and mechanical integrity.

The permanent or multi-releasable Connector establishes a robust connection directly to the pipe, while ensuring that the bend and load capacities are retained at up to 80% of the pipe's strength. This guarantees a secure and reliable means of restoring well control, prioritizing safety above all else.

Pros & Limitations
Can be permanent or multi-release
Weld quality connection
Safe & efficient way to get back onto old wells
Fast connection means operation times are reduced
Pre-job planning would be required.
Specification Title Specification Description
Can reconnect to bare conductor pipe (or other damaged profiles)
Even if pipe is damaged, the design of POS-GRIP to seal onto the pipe means that if the conductor is damaged, corroded or not oval then connector can still connect and achieve a weld tight seal.
Multi-Releasable version available
The releasable version of this connector can be used easily in Multi-well campaigns
Various sizes available
Different sizes available to connect to various different pipe sizes


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