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POS-GRIP Production Wellhead (Green Award)

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Net Zero / Leak Free Wellhead

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May 19 2023

POS-GRIP enables Net Zero operations at the wellhead, which is an essential aspect of any new production wellhead. We know that the world is facing a critical situation when it comes to climate change, and regulators and governments across the world are calling upon the oil and gas industry to significantly reduce or ideally eliminate (fugitive) emissions wherever possible.

The POS-GRIP HG® metal seal provides a permanent, yet reversible seal which acts as if the components have become one. The process delivers verifiable and repeatable results, which can be monitored to stay within specified stress limits.

The technology uses simple engineering, using fewer components, reducing further the need for future interventions. The technology can be used on a variety of oil and gas applications and has been successfully installed on ultra-high pressure and temperature projects, up to 20,000 psi at 375ºF.



Zero Maintenance required due to Leak Free Design
Installation time reduction
Green London Stock Exchange Mark
HPHT Rated
Simple Reverse for Workover/Decommissioning
Best results when combined with "HG" seals


Areas of Application Drilling | Production Wells
Pressure Rating POS-GRIP® HG Tubing Hanger is Field Proven from 5000 thru - 20,000 PSI
Temperature Range HG Annular Seal is True Metal to Metal Seal Tested to 20,000 PSI WP APPX F -20° - 350° F
Testing Extensively tested to standards above API 6A
Low Maintenance The simplicity and high integrity performance means very minimal maintenance is required during field life.
Installation POS-GRIP is a method of “landing” an Oilfield Tubular Hanger system without the need of a landing shoulder or the removal of the BOP

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Plexus

Plexus specialises in the design and supply of wellhead products to the global oil and gas industry. We believe innovative technology needs to work hand in hand with outstanding service. We do what it takes to deliver wellhead equipment which is safer, and is proven to save time and money. Operating in more than 20 locations, with four global offices, we have the capability and capacity to deliver and install our wellhead systems in any location worldwide.

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