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“Big Bend” Machine ready for the Industry 4.0

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April 11 2024

Goriziane’s Pipe Bending Machine ranges from 6" to 60“ with over 35 machines delivered worldwide since the ‘90s. Years of experience has brought Goriziane to design and manufacture an innovative machine giving utmost attention to detail.

Our high performance pipe bending machines are made of high resistant steel which can bend pipes up to diameters of 60". They can operate with pneumatic or hydraulic mandrels. With the new Big Bend design, the innovative cylinder configuration can bend pipes with a thickness of up to 48 mm.

Pros & Limitations
25% lighter than other machines thanks to advanced engineering and materials used
Made of high resistant steel
Plug & Play: easy assembly and disassembly
Connected and monitored remotely
Only one operator required
Mandrel self-positioning for automated cycles
Audible and visual alarms
Some special features are available only from 36’’ and above
Specification Title Specification Description
Acquisition System
Datalogger with integrated Pipe Bender.
Certification/ Licenses
Mandrel self-positioning for automated cycles. | PLC
Remote Control
Remote operating at a maximum distance of 50 metres.
Safe Operating
Operating can be done by just one operator.
May range from -40 up to 50 °C depending on customers requirements.


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Goriziane has established itself in the Engineering and Construction of equipment, automated and large-scale systems for many sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Naval and, lately, also in the innovative sector of Wind Farms.

In the Oil & Gas sector, Goriziane has supplied several complete plants for the production of multiple-joint pipes both on onshore and offshore. Our highly specialized technicians installed and started up the plants within the target delivery time.

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