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High Adhesion Mechanical Protection for Pipelines

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April 11 2024

TDC’s pau wrap® is a composite based mechanical protection system consisting of factory-applied coating for pipes and welded joint protection at the construction site. Its main function is to protect pipes from damages due to indentation from sharp objects (i.e. rocks, gravel or debris), abrasion from dragging the pipe (i.e. during trenchless installations) and from strong impacts (i.e. heavy backfill material).

The outstanding mechanical adhesion of TDC’s pau wrap® to the pipe and its anticorrosion system makes the optimum solution when the normal coatings are not able to guarantee the integrity of the pipelines.

Pros & Limitations
Extreme hardness, protecting underlying coating and pipe
High shear strength on the anti-corrosion protection coating over the entire pipe length
Offers excellent resistance to axial loads caused by the pipe installation process
High elongation at break, allowing axial and radial stresses to be absorbed without damaging the pipe
Very high resistance to various mechanical stresses from the transportation and pipe installation process
Low additional weight added to pipe and coating system
It is necessary to deliver the pipes to a specific factory (not economical to apply the mechanical protection at the construction site)
Specification Title Specification Description
Risk Based
The risks of damaging the pipes in difficult geologies or during trenchless installations are eliminated.
The mechanical protection is applied as a protective coating in liquid form.
No cost overruns during trenchless projects due to damages to the pipes. | Saves manpower and material costs as alternative to crossings with casings.
Longer trenchless crossings are possible without compromising the integrity of the pipeline.
Its mechanical resistance is designed to protect pipelines in the most difficult operation and construction conditions.
Pipes are delivered to site without requiring any additional manual intervention.
The pipes' integrity can be guaranteed even in the most difficult conditions.
The additional weight due to the mechanical protection is very low.
Avoids the necessity to execute repairs to the pipe coating.
Protects the pipes from very strong mechanical stresses typical of trenchless installations and difficult geologies.


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TDC International AG (TDC) is a specialist pipeline coating provider with a proprietary application process (pau wrap®). We provide customised mechanical protection for steel pipes and field joints and are the largest providers of GRP mechanical protections to the pipeline industry.

Our know-how, craftsmanship, and proprietary methodologies enable us to be uniquely positioned within the industry and allow us to consistently provide customers with high quality manufacturing.

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