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AI Digital Platform for Asset Integrity & Risk Based Management

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April 11 2024

OrKsoft® is a digital platform dedicated to Asset Integrity Management. Its Artificial Intelligence enables a proactive risk-based management approach to optimize Inspection & Maintenance strategies for relevant long-term programs. The solution ensures the highest level of safety and availability of the production from design to decommissioning while extending asset lifecycle. Connection to IoTs enables the consolidation of probabilistic approaches with real-time process conditions. OrKsoft® provides to all industrial organizations a key element of asset availability and sustainability.

Pros & Limitations
Integrated full vision of the plant
Collaborative and transversal
Risk Assesment results displayed on 3D models
Off-the-shelf, Plug-and-play solution
Modularity, flexibility and customization
Organisation-wide commitment
Specification Title Specification Description
Asset Management
Asset Register (Assets, Process and fluids description) CIMMS 2D, 3D to navigate into the database and display the level of risk for each component.
Quantitative Risk Based Inspection modules based on API 581 version 2016 for Pressure Systems and atmospheric Storage tank. Inspection Plan generation from the RBI Strategy.
Asset Integrity Management digital platform targeting all the assets of a plant (physical assets, intangible assets, peoples, skills, organization…) through risk assessment modules with RBI and RCM methodologies as well as HSE management.
Integrity Operating Window
Integrity Operating Window Management module available based on API 584.
Lifespan extension through early identification of failures and optimized Inspection & Maintenance strategies.
Reliability-centered maintenance approach with maintenance plan generation.
Risk Based
Risk Based Inspection based on API 581 V2016 | Risk Based Management approach
Safe operating
Safety increase through early risk detection.


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AMETHYSTE is a 29 year old Independent Software Vendor dedicated to design global Asset Integrity Management solutions based on innovative modules designed for Risk Based Maintenance and Inspection (RBMI) issues.

AMETHYSTE has over 19 years of experience in development and marketing of RBI expert system, and decision aid software for upstream and downstream oil and gas plants.


Oil & Gas | Petrochemicals | Power plants | Mining | Pharma | Renewable energies

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