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Organic Oil Recovery

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Leader in zero-Capex EOR

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May 22 2023

Organic Oil Recovery (OOR) is a unique, zero-Capex and environmentally friendly enhanced oil recovery process. The fundamentals of the technology are based on the activation of microbial life already resident (In-Situ) in oil reservoirs with the purpose of increasing oil production. The technology can dramatically improve the mobility of oil trapped in tight pore spaces or on the oil-bearing rock to improve ultimate oil recovery.

Through batch treating with carefully defined volumes of supplemental nutrients, the process significantly increases a specific microbial population. As part of their life cycle, those targeted microbes change in state from being Hydrophilic to being Hydrophobic through a process known as nutrient limitation. This change of state results in microbes moving to the oil/water interface, temporarily reducing surface tension, releasing, and mobilising significant quantities of trapped and residual oil.

Another important feature of the technology is its ability to tackle the root cause of H₂S formation by targeting specific species of microbes to outcompete Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRBs) which are a primary cause of this gas’s formation.


Zero Capex implementation
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Reduction
Low Cost
Significant ROI
Significantly Reduce Water Cut
Increase Ultimate Recovery
Environmentally Friendly
Fast and Easy Implementation
Proven Global Track Record
Deferred Abandonment
Reservoir Specific - Screening Criteria Applies


Deferred Abandonment Significantly extend life of field by naturally enhancing reservoir performance
Enviroment Mobilizing ecology already resident in reservoir using environmentally friendly and bio-degradable nutrient
Ease of Implementation Zero-Capex / No requirement for modification to wellbore or topside facilities and minimal surface equipment needed
Plant and Human Safety Significantly reduces H2S levels within reservoir
Return on Investment North Sea Pilot Tests have acheived ROI in less than 7 days
Cost Saving Zero-Capex Implementation, Lower Lifting Costs, Reduced Chemical Spend

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Organic Oil Recovery

The Organic Oil Recovery process is a proven and innovative enhanced oil recovery technology which optimises reservoir performance and recovery rates.


This breakthrough technology which manipulates the resident down-hole ecology offers operators an advanced tertiary oil recovery resulting in increased production, the lowering of lifting costs and significantly reducing H2S levels.

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