Optis Infinity

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The world’s first array sideview camera for downhole applications

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August 4 2023

Full understanding of complex well issues requires a complete picture of the wellbore. Optis Infinity features an array of four azimuthally aligned cameras providing EV’s trademark high resolution, high frame-rate video with >100% circumferential coverage.

This ground-breaking innovation enables the creation of a vivid, 360° dynamic map of well condition and behaviour from top to
toe of the well. This quantum shift in information delivers an unparalleled level of understanding to support decision-making and enable effective well management.


Nothing missed with complete wellbore coverage from well top to well toe
Time-lapse, side-by-side comparison of results during targeted remedial action
Highly efficient data gathering reducing operating time and costs
Precise, quantified visual answers enabling rapid, confident decision making
Up to 8 hours recording capacity


Areas of Application Well Intervention
Certifications / licences BSI ISO 9001:2015
Pressure class 15,000 PSI
Temperature Up to 125 degrees C

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We help well operators identify, understand, and resolve the most complex of wellbore issues. We are pioneers, providing a complete and quantified picture to the global oilfield industry. We are The Downhole Visual Analytics Company.

The standard of visual diagnostic information that we deliver direct to the well site – in an instant – is game-changing. Our global team of experts apply years of combined experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver detailed, distilled information that enables a better understanding of life of well challenges, leading to more effective management, more decisive action and healthier, more productive wells.

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