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Efficient operator training, process optimization, commissioning & startups

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August 4 2023

Digital Twin offers many possibilities. It simulates the plant and makes a link between the physical world and the digital one. The abundance of readily available data nowadays makes this possible. Simulation software Mimic Train enables training in a simulated digital world. Mimic Train offers employees the opportunity to follow training courses or to perform work that in essence replicates real life processes. With Mimic Field 3D rare and complex situations in the field can be simulated in an efficient manner and within a safe environment. 

To use the information to prevent unplanned downtime and to make planned shutdowns run more efficiently and faster. With a view to production, these new techniques can ensure consistent quality and greater efficiency.

The digital twin can serve as a design tool when building a plant. Adjustments can be made much more easily in the virtual factory. It offers engineers the opportunity to tackle potential problems, such as process bottlenecks and their impact on production, before the plant is built.


More comprehensive testing of the control system enables the identification of potential issues as well as the remedy in the design phase, resulting in a smoother and shorter start up of the facility
The software replica of the physical plant and control room enables training of operations personnel on how to operate efficiently as well as how to manage & recover from abnormal situations should they occur
Provides a route to shorter project cycles and reduced testing and qualifications phases, enabling product to developed quicker and more efficiently
Medium and high fidelity simulation allows for the development of new control strategies to optimize the process as well as providing a non-intrusive test environment
It costs time and money to implement


Areas of application Simulation tool, Modeling, Optimization, Sustainability, Productivity, Training and sharing knowledge, Maintenance, Repairs, Troubleshooting, Reliability, Asset life extension, Asset management, Abnormal situations.
Certifications / licenses Digital performance verification to standards.
Capabilities Optimizing process testing in a simulation. Tackle potential problems in the process and their impact on production before the plant is built. Prevent unplanned downtime and make scheduled shutdowns run more efficiently and faster.
Integration Any field equipment, any DCS system, Aspen HYSYS Dynamics.
Training Training rare situations in a safe environment.

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