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Optilift Remote Control & Autonomy

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Remote control system for cranes and lifting operations

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:38

The technology can be retrofitted to existing cranes, or integrated by the OEM with new cranes. Optilift provides sensors and software technology that allows safe remote-controlled crane- and lifting operations, which can be further extended to autonomous lifting and logistics handling.

By remote controlling crane- and lifting operations, it is possible to allow one crane operator to man multiple cranes at different sites. This means reduced travel costs, increased safety, and efficiency. In times where it may be difficult to source qualified personnel, or travel restrictions are enforced, crane operations may still take place without delays.


Operate the crane from a remote location
One person operates multiple cranes
Enables unmanned installations
Enables loading cargo onto normally unmanned installations before personnel arrives for maintenance campaigns
Allows uninterrupted lifting operations despite travel restrictions
Existing cranes in the field can be upgraded to be remote controlled
Enabler for autonomous lifting operations
Technology qualification is ongoing
Network connectivity is required to the crane


Areas of Application Cranes located on- and offshore, in ports, harbors, on vessels, wind-mills etc..
Cargo handling AutoHook concept enables personnel-free decks.
Usability Safe and intuitive remote control by the use of Optilift Assistance Systems.
Safe operating Auto lift-off, auto landing, anti-pendulum and anti-collision Assistance Systems ensure safe operation even in case of network connectivity issues and human errors.
Motion compensation Auto Landing, Auto Lift-Off, Relative Heave Compensation, Anti-Pendulum and AutoHook control ensures controlled and partly automated complex lifts.
Versatility Integrates with Digital Logistics solution to automate planning and tracking of lifting plans and cargo locations.

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Optilift

Optilift AS is a technology development company focusing on innovative solutions for cranes, lifting, and logistics. Our mission is to improve lifting‐ and logistics technology in order to

  • Improve our clients’ safety
  • Improve our clients’ profitability
  • Reduce our clients’ CO2 footprint
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