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Operate enables optimised preparation, planning and execution of time critical tasks.

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Friday, June 17, 2022 - 13:52


  • Our main objective is to increase efficiency and assurance in the planning and execution of operational tasks.


  • Operate is continuously improved by a composite team of technical leaders and software developers.
  • Our technical staff have hands on experience in operational and project leadership roles.
  • We create customer value and success with expertise in three key areas. 
    1. Data integrity
    2. Optimal Planning
    3. Controlled Execution


  • Reduction in cost, time and resource demand profiles.
  • Improved predictability, optimisation and speed in execution.
  • Increased tool time in execution – upwards of 50% for current use cases


Data integrity
Optimal Planning
Controlled execution
Cost Reduction
Increased organisational capacity
Increased Efficiency
Cloud Based System
Interfaces with client current systems
Strong contribution to safe systems of work
Reduces Carbon Emissions due to reduce travel to site (Remote Operations)
Optimizes Engineering Resources
Optimizes Maintenance Scheduling
Interface with onshore & offshore teams
Real Time Schedules and Status
Reduces unnecessary resources
Automated work front planning
Digital work preparation
New Technology seen as a challenge to traditional methods


Shutdown, TAR & Maintenance Management Execution Software Platform asset55's 'Operate' system is a fully integrated, cloud based, multi discipline work execution platform, driving efficiencies in the planning and preparation of shutdown activities.
Construction Solutions Construction Solutions is a cloud-based visualization and analytics platform that centralises capital project data to improve project delivery outcomes. Developed for industry by industry the intuitive platform enables Operators, EPC’s and service provid
'Calculate' Flange Management Assurance and Bolt Load System Industry Leading flange management and bolt load calculation software and assurance
EVA (Engineering Validation Assistant) EVA (Engineering Validation Assistant) main capabilities is to automate the validation of engineering systems data to ensure consistency in tag naming and attribution to enable digital processes.

Relative Business Impact

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About asset55

Asset55 is the world’s foremost provider of flange management and completions enablement solutions to the global energy market. We are a technology company with innovation at our very core. The genesis of all our innovation is founded within the industry and our understanding of developing market needs.

+44 (0) 191 535 8351
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