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Software for safe, controlled, and cost-effective well operations

Page last modified
March 21 2023

OilfieldOS is a module-based interactive project management platform for cost-efficient well planning and operations. System integration and automatized information exchange provide a work environment with limited data entry points establishing the Single Source of Truth. Following the No Double Work concept, we remove barriers from sharing project information with all relevant stakeholders. The system allows comprehensive planning which flows into a smooth performance of well operations and mitigation of related risks.


Single source of truth as a work environment with limited data entry points
No double work with automatized information exchange
More control less effort with user-friendly dashboards, task tracking and access roles
Flexibility of skilled rig personnel with procedures standartisation and easy project data exchange
Enhanced planning flowing into smooth operations
Automatized permanent risk monitoring with planning for contingencies in advance
Logistic optimisation with control over items’ physical location, revealing and tracking associated costs
Simplified invoice review supported with an OCR technology
The software is available only in English
Available via Internet browser (no mobile app)


System modules Planning, Operations, Rig Management, Logistics, Costs, Analytics, HSE, Knowledge
Supported languages The system is available in English, the customer support - in English, French, Arabic, Polish, German, Italian, Russian
Access from devices OOS is accessible all devices which support internet browsing (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone).
Internet browser It is advised to use the following internet browsers for running OilfieldOS smoothy: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge.
Internet speed For optimal user experience connection above 500 kbps is recommended
API integrations Power BI, Marine Traffic, Handshake, Storm Geo, Open Weather Map, Oil and Gas trading prices
Cloud environment OOS SAAS is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment. Amazon is responsible for the security of the hosting environment, which includes physical security, fault-tolerance, redundancy, and operations and personnel security.
Clear data location All customer data is processed and stored within the AWS environment. Data centers are located in Western Europe. On demand, any HWS data center is available (for example, in the United States or Australia).
Data removal and encryption Data and backups are removed only on request from customer. Data and backups are encrypted at rest following the industry standard.

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About Apriside ApS

Apriside started in Denmark in 2017 by drilling and completion engineers with a visionary way of thinking. Now this is a game-changer in the well planning and operations process management.

Apriside provides comprehensive and flexible solutions for geothermal and oilfield operators, drilling contractors, well management and service companies for effective and transparent project collaboration and cost control.

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