Offshore emissions module

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Tracks emissions and enables reduction

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April 25 2024

The Offshore emissions module is a software platform designed to help offshore energy companies systematically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It allows users to configure asset profiles and input materials data to establish a comprehensive emissions baseline across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions sources. The software provides tools to define an Energy Management Plan, including creating quantifiable Energy Reduction Initiatives (ERIs) to achieve emissions reductions targets.

For well planning, users can model phases, vessels, helicopters, and assign ERIs to estimate emissions outputs. Once wells are completed, actual emissions data can be input to analyze performance against targets. The platform generates Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions analyses, calculating total measured emissions, reductions, and savings. Extensive reporting functionality allows progress documentation to stakeholders and for regulatory compliance per ISO 14004 standards. 

Key technical features include automated data exchange to minimize manual inputs, customizable analytics dashboards, and APIs for integration with existing company systems. The modular architecture enables customization to specific offshore energy use cases across drilling, production, intervention, and marine vessels. Overall, the Offshore Emissions Module provides robust digital capabilities for strategic energy management and progression towards net zero emissions.

Pros & Limitations
Accurate and transparent emissions calculations
Identifies emissions hotspots for reduction opportunities
Enables tracking and reporting of emissions reductions
Supports compliance with emissions regulations
Drives operational efficiencies and cost savings
Specification Title Specification Description
Emissions calculation engine, End-to-end planning, measurement and verification, Compliant with ISO standards
Establish emissions baseline, Define Energy Management Plan, Detailed emissions analysis
Emissions Analysis
Scope 1, 2 and 3, CO2, NOx, Fuel consumption, Cost savings
Export options, Stakeholder engagement, Compliant with regulations
Tailored to offshore energy sector, Integrates with existing digital ecosystem


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Stepwise is a technology company founded in 2021 that provides software and services to help the energy industry, particularly offshore oil and gas companies, reduce their carbon emissions and meet decarbonization goals. Its software modules track and analyze emissions across operations and supply chains, identify reduction opportunities, support compliance reporting, and more. Stepwise was founded by industry experts and aims to drive large-scale emissions reductions in offshore energy.

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