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Ocean Power

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Batteries for subsea UPS, ROV and AUV

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March 14 2023

Our fully approved high-efficiency Li-Ion batteries guarantee high-reliability and high-safety for your AUVs, ROVs or offshore subsea Oil & Gas applications. We offer qualifications according to API17F, MIL-STD, UN T38.3, DNV-GL, and others.


Fully approved and certified
High Efficiency: high-capacity Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with highest energy density and high power
High-reliability: edundant design, proven technology, longest design life, harsh environmental, long track record
High-safety: industrial grade cells, mechanical & electrical protections, UN T38.3 upon request, 4-level safety, IPC class 3 production, ISO 9001 certified
Optimized for ocean / underwater applications
Customized battery systems may have an extended production time


Areas of Application Standard | Vehicle AUV, ROV etc. | Subsea Oil+Gas | Customized Battery Systems.
Product Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with highest energy density, high safety, UL & UN certified cells, long track record
Modular Design Configurable Li-Ion power systems – scalable SmartPowerBlocks™.
Certifications / licenses MIL-STD, ISO 13528-6 & API17F Offshore Oil&Gas, NATO AECTP & AQAP, DNV-GL, UN T38.3.
Monitoring Highly sophisticated Battery Management System SmartBMS™ - full monitoring and control over all battery parameters, configurable functions, fail-safe.
Material Pressure housings up to 6000 m available (titanium, super duplex, other).

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About SubCtech

SubCtech offers underwater power solutions and ocean monitoring systems in close collaboration with their clients - in science and in the industry such as offshore Oil & Gas. Li-Ion batteries PowerPacks™, pCO2 analyzers OceanPack™, and system solutions are core products. The reliable and precise high-tech “Made in Germany” products are easy to handle and efficient. SubCtech is certificated as a “proved vendor” in the offshore industry according to ISO 13628-6 and API17f for the design and operation of subsea production systems and is also certified by ISO 9001:2015.

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