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A Single Source of Truth for Project Portfolio Management

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April 11 2024

With over 10,000+ hours enhancing the solution in partnership with project practitioners, Nostra PPM provides an intuitive solution with rich functionality that seamlessly integrates disparate project data to optimize operational and capital project performance in real time.

Pros & Limitations
Maximise Business Value by optimising project funding prioritisation processes.
Improve financial performance through transparent centralised forecasting and actuals consolidation.
Trusted Decision Making through seamless integration of all project and financial data.
Driven Project Quality with improved decision making, risk and change management.
Increase Productivity through automated workflows, approvals and project reporting.
Drive Innovation with enterprise wide idea creation and hopper management.
Enable Project Success through transparent trusted collaboration of all stakeholders in one system.
Establish Executive Confidence with one trusted source of project and portfolio data from across the enterprise.
Only delivered within BP globally at this point.
Specification Title Specification Description
Seamlessly integrates your silos of project, scheduling and financial data across the enterprise, to deliver one single repository for your project data, in real-time.
Areas of Application
Idea Management | Cost Management | Scheduling | Risk and Issue Management | Resource Allocation | Documents and DMS Integration | Monitoring and Control | Portfolio Management | Performance Reporting | Approvals and Variations | Configuration
Control of Process flow
Electronic workflows and approvals to manage your Stage Gate Approvals Processes. | Standardised gating for each project type. | Parallel reviews to reduce approval times. | Notifications to approvers, project team members, and executives.
Economic Tools
Manage all capital spend from minor to major projects so the entire portfolio is reported in one place.
Capture project ideas from across the enterprise and use streamlined screening processes.
Integrates all your project financial data with other IT and business systems.
User authentication | Integration | Error logging | Role-based security | Cloud based SaaS
Financial, people and capital reporting. Easily export your data into other reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.
Return on Investment
The ability to free up people's time to do more meaningful work rather than data collection.
Risk Based
Digitised and standardised unproductive project tasks and processes to simplify the way you work to deliver project outcomes.


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