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Professional driving behaviour coach for logistics companies and independent carriers

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:49

Trucks are becoming computers on four wheels. NEXTdriver gathers data about the state of the vehicle and the driver’s behaviour. Such data, processed by intelligent algorithms, lead to personalized online coaching of drivers. This results in reduced fuel costs and CO2-emissions by up to 10%. Furthermore, we complement to the road safety situation and driver satisfaction.

Drivers receive their scores and feedback via the NEXTdriver app. The management team and fleet managers can monitor the fleet's progress and savings via the NEXTdriver Management Portal. By continuous coaching, we ensure that drivers keep on their good driving behaviour.


Active continuous coaching
Leverage on existing data using machine learning
Outsource your coaching needs or support your company coaches
Compatibility with major FMS providers
Gamification used in the platform for engagement
Only available in Europe/Benelux at the moment
Fleet Management System required


Optimisation Optimize your fleet performance and business using NEXTdriver solutions.
Safety Increase the safety of your employees and their surrounding environment by active continuous coaching.
Cost Reduce your costs by saving on fuel consumption, accidents and asset management.
Environment Save the environment via CO2 Emission reduction accomplished by reducing the fuel operating costs up to 8%.
Training Actively train your employees and support their career growth.
Data Analysis NEXTdriver does the Analysis for you, get insights into the data you are already recording.

Relative Business Impact

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About NEXTdriver

NEXTdriver was founded in 2015 with the goal of making traffic safer and more sustainable by combining the knowledge in mobility sector and behavioural sciences. The company emerged as a spin-off from The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Its founders, Guido Sluijsmans and Thom Hubers, believed that the programme's early-stage technology was feasible for commercialization. In late 2018, the company pivoted with the joining of Jasper Pauwelussen as third co-owner towards the current NEXTdriver service, which is currently successfully scaling-up. The team consists of 14 people with in-depth expertise in software development, psychology, data analysis, business development, and logistics.

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