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Advanced Well Testing and Data Acquisition

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April 11 2024

During well testing activities, acquiring pertinent data using manual technique causes room for error. At H2Oil, we strive to provide advanced data collection techniques for campaigns. Providing an engineered solution which replaces human error margin and providing repeatability for data allowing onsite decision making. H2Oil are focused on fixing problems, using efficient and innovative solutions that normally are not considered. The aim is focused around delivering quality well test data and analysis. Whilst enhancing safety by reducing HSE exposure to the well stream.

H2Oil continues to assist operators with their programs providing an advanced solution with efficiency, results driven and with safety at the forefront.

Pros & Limitations
Multiple data sources and processing of data – allowing for a combined high resolution report
Connect and process all on/offsite data
Allow integration of well site data hardware seamlessly into the system - fast decision response
Allows continuous equipment communication
Requires IT knowledge and training
Specification Title Specification Description
Hardware with high level of precision.
Automated well site data reporting to clients and on-site workers.
Certifications/ Licenses
Certified to ISO standards | Occupational Health and Safety Management: BS OHSAS 18001 | Quality Management: BS ISO 9001:2015 | Environmental Management: BS EN 14001: 2015
IoTs system integrated in our DAQ system.
Data Analysis
Full post job Well Test Interpretation pressure transient analysis of well test data, production analysis, RTA, decline curves.
DAQ Hardware
Iot based server, Augmented Reality Display, ATEX Tablet, Advanced Density Meter, DAQ Sensor, Water Cut Meters
Over 12 years of experience through all continents, H2Oil specialists conducted Well Tests in High Rate Gas Wells and High Rate Oil Wells.
Live well data reporting as well as post-job analysis reporting.
Highly secured internal data sharing system though MQTT and HTML servers.
F.A.S.T. Well Test. | Pipesim / Prosper
Sour Service (H2S)


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H2Oil offer extensive independent consultancy expertise in management, engineering and supervisory services across the complete asset lifecycle, from initial phases of field conceptual design to end of life abandonment operations. Over 12 years global well testing experience.

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