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The smart assistant for the energy market

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:49

Nesh is a Conversational AI that combines the convenience of a Chatbot with the analytical and visualization capability of a business intelligence tool and the data search power of a cognitive search engine. She can connect to publicly available data or private data and allows users to have a natural conversation with it. She is designed to find answers to your technical and business questions, fast.

Imagine if Alexa or Siri went to school and got a degree in Engineering and Business, you’ll have Nesh.


Find answers to technical questions 10x times faster compared to a manual look up
Current data search tools are transactional while Nesh is truly conversational
No training required on how to use it because it is as simple as texting a friend or colleague
Nesh understands domain terminology and concepts. Easy to train her to answer technical questions
Not all workflows are conversational workflows so finding the right ones that work takes some time
AI model gets smarter over time but may not work perfectly on the first day


Accessibility Improves accessibility of the data by providing a natural language input for all users.
Business Efficiency Improves operational and business efficiency by improving decision time.
Data Analysis Finds the data but also analyzes it to see if there are any hidden insights.
Exploration Can be used to read and search exploration reports when performing future studies.
Machine learning User a Conversational AI at its core but also uses Machine learning to run workflows and find insights.
Safety Can be used to read and search Safety and Quality reports.
Search Performs contextual search on the data.
Software Software as a service.
Solar Can be used to read maintenance and geotechnical reports.
Turbine Can be used to read maintenance and geotechnical reports.

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About Nesh

At Nesh we are dedicated to helping the energy sector power the world by providing the best possible digital experience to them. We have done this by creating a Smart Assistant that can answer your technical and business questions 10x faster than any traditional method.

Nesh comprises of a team of Engineers, Technologists and Data Scientists who are bringing this vision to a reality.

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