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Nano Coating

Exclusive importer of unique Nano Coatings for Netherlands & Belgium

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Monday, January 11, 2021 - 19:00

We offer a wide range of coatings solutions for different sectors by means of a line of nanoproducts ready to be used in different verticals. Such as industry, on and offshore, construction, and marine. Examples are fire-resistant, heat-resistant, rust-resistant, insulating, and water-resistant

Heatshield is an innovative coating for glass surfaces that avoids an excessive temperature increase of indoor areas exposed directly to sun since it is endowed with the capacity to prevent/block the transmission of heat frequencies from outside through the windows, windshields or any glass structure.


Save energy
Better insulation
Long depreciation
Improving conditions
Nano coating is applied thinner than normal coating and saves man hours
Applying this coating is specialist work. Cannot be applied by the end user him self


Product Even the one-time application of the two-component protective layer reduces the penetration of infrared radiation (heat radiation) by 45 to 50% - further layers have a cumulative effect and increase this efficiency even more.
Areas of Application Means of transport such as motor vehicles, rail vehicles, airplanes, etc. | Cooling systems such as refrigerators, refrigerated shelves, climatic chambers, etc. | Glass structures such as glass facades, glass roofs, window panes, doors, roofing, etc.
Protection Using forward-looking nanotechnology, some of the IR radiation is filtered out and thus a significantly lower temperature rise, for example due to the influence of the sun.
Application conditions The two-component coating must be mixed 24 hours before processing Cleaning the surface of oil, dust and other contaminants with, for example, conventional cleaning agents for pretreatment.
Lifespan The product lifespan is approx. 15 years, depending on weather conditions and the area of application.

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About Corrick Group

Corrick Coating is the exclusive importer of unique Nano coatings for the Netherlands and Belgium. Our core competence is to deliver the products and technologies with the best quality and profitability for our customers. We are your reliable and knowledgeable contact when it comes to questions about products as well as application and advice.

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