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MTest Total Salts and Chloride Test Kit

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Comprehensive Solutions for Total Salts, Chloride Testing, and Coating Inspection Equipment

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Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 10:28

While we don't generally endorse specific ion testing, when you need to test only for chloride, this is the least expensive kit on the market. It has an additional benefit of being able to run both chloride and total salts with the same sample. This kit offers the versatility to test for both Chlorides and Conductivity using your own or optional conductivity meter. 


Multi-test salt testing kit, possible to test for specific ion or total salts
Lower cost per test
Easy to use
Does not require the use of sharp needles
Does not leave any residue behind
Has the ability to also test for single ion or total salts for abrasives
Salts are not evenly distributed across the substrate. With spot checking at 12.5 cm2, you cannot get a full analysis on the amount of salts on the entire substrate


Areas of application Any surface that is going to be painted.
Capabilities Capability to adapt to the industry's most used salt testing specifications for Single Ion or Total Salt Testing.
Coatings By testing for salts, you can determine if you need to remove the salts which increase the life expectancy of the system.​
Blasting media Capable of adding the option to test for non-visible contaminants in new or recycled blast media which will help prevent contamination of the surfaces from salts.​
Certifications / licences ISO: 8502-9 Conductivity for Total Salts - ISO:8502-15 Measurement for Specific Ion Testing - ISO 8502-6 Extraction Method – ASTM D4940

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About MTest

Providing quality control instruments for coating inspection, non-destructive testing, and welding inspection. We service the petrochemical, marine, offshore, aviation and other industries where quality control is mandatory. Our extensive experience (over 50 years combined) using equipment for coating inspection and non destructive testing ensure that we will provide expert technical support and product recommendations. We’re proud to represent instrumentation and supplies from some of the world’s leading innovators, manufacturers, and vendors recognized throughout the industries we serve.

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