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Nature inclusive modular constructional element for the marine environment

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August 4 2023

MOSES is a modular building system to construct nature-inclusive maritime constructions such as scour protection. MOSES functions as artificial reefs for a variety of marine life to find food, shelter and space to reproduce. The outside surface functions as hard substrate for shellfish and corals to grow on. To create different microhabitats, the modules can be modified with different dividers, and are thus not reachable for predators. One MOSES-installation can be a successful habitat for a wide variety of species.


Special concrete mix for quicker adaptation by marine life
40% less materials used
No need for heavy machinery for transportation and build up of installations
Low CO2 emission
Options for different microhabitats
Relatively expensive material


Areas of application Scour protection, open ocean, near coasts, ports and harbors.
Application Scour protection, artificial reef, biodiversity enhancer, wavebreaker.
Capabilities Stimulating biodiversity, tender applications.
Maintenance No maintenance necessary.
Modular design Moses is a modular building element. The integrated connecting system enables it to create shapes in numerous ways.

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ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity. We design and produce functional products which can be used to add ecological value to maritime or regular construction projects.

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