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Monti Bristle Blaster®

Fast & flexible surface preparation

The key feature of the Bristle Blasting technology is the Accelerator Bar. It temporarily halts and subsequently accelerates each bristle during rotation causing it to increase the speed of the bristle tip impacting the surface. Directly after the bristle tips strike the surface they retract providing corrosion removal as well as micro-identification that exposes a clean surface with a sea wave-like structure. 


Removes millscale, flashrust, corrosion, and old coatings
Achieved surface cleanliness white or near white metal
Achieved roughness profile up to 120 μm Rz (4.7 mils)
No burnishing of the substrate
Minimal loss of base material
Eco-friendly: No harmful materials used
User friendly for noise, vibration and safe to work with
Excellent for hard to reach objects
Limited in usage for large flat easy to access surfaces up to 4,33m2 from TCO perspective


Areas of Application Pipeline and plant construction | On/offshore | Wind energy | Steel constructions | Coating industry | Ideal for spot repairs, work and seam welds
ATEX certified The technology can be applied while working in Zone 1, for instance on active gas pipes.
Capabilities Capable to remove millscale, flashrust, old coatings and creating a roughness profile for coating adhesion.
Certifications / licences Open Grid Europe, ISO and ATEX.
Flexibility No elaborate equipment is needed.
Impact Compared to traditional abrasive blasting processes: no remains of sand or rust particles are smeared or rubbed into surface during Bristle Blasting and no transportation or recycling costs for contaminated blasting media are caused.
Safety Due to low vibration and low sound pressure levels no elaborate protective clothing is required
Usability The Bristle Blaster® exists in two variants: The Bristle Blaster Electric and the Bristle Blaster Pneumatic. The tool is ideally suited for portable and rope projects.

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About MontiPower Group

MontiPower Group, consisting of M. Test from Houston USA, Monti Werkzeuge GMBH, and MontiPower Americas LLC is a mid-sized firm that engineers, manufactures and distributes hand-held, semi-automatic and automated machine systems for surface preparation of various substrates for the  Marine, Automotive, Industrial, Pipeline, Bridge, Windmill Assets. Since 1987, the company develops innovative patented technologies. The CEO of Monti is, J.F. (Frits) Doddema. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the global industrial coating industry.