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Acoustic Emission (AE) technology package for evaluating the structural integrity of metallic pressure equipment

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April 11 2024

MONPAC™ utilises proprietary multichannel AE systems and sensors that detect the high-frequency signals resulting from active defects. The systems have sufficient speed and resolution to ensure real-time, on-screen display of all activity and indications. It provides a severity grading for defects along with recommendations for further action. Sources of interest can be located on the equipment.

Pros & Limitations
Rapid inspection (e.g. a 15m sphere is tested in approximately 3 days)
Global monitoring (100% inspection, including welds, repairs etc.)
Supports Non-intrusive Inspection (NII) strategies, as per DNV-RP-G103
Aids pre-turnaround inspection and maintenance planning
In-service continuous monitoring can be applied to critical assets, as per API 579
Meets the requirements of ASME-V article 12, EN 15495, EN 14584 and AFIAP
Guiding local NDT where it is needed
Reduction in downtime resulting from improved information about plant condition
Reduction in inspection costs
The method does not identify manufacturing defects
It does not give information on defect size but grades the activity and gives recommendations for the extent of any follow-up inspection
Specification Title Specification Description
Pressure Vessels.
Areas of Application
In-service pressurisation (with working fluid or inert gas) | Requalification hydrotest of used pressure equipment | First hydrotest of new pressure equipment.
Global monitoring (100% inspection, including welds, repairs etc.).
ATEX certified
Non applicable, working with low voltage equipment
Overstress, Manufacturing defects (e.g. weld defects), In-service defects (e.g. cracks), Corrosion, including CUI, Environmentally assisted cracking (e.g. chloride-induced SCC).
Meets the requirements of ASME-V article 12, EN 15495, EN 14584 and AFIAP.


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