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Mobisun Pro

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Portable Solar Panel with Battery

Page last modified
March 14 2023

The Mobisun Pro is a lightweight portable solar panel with integrated battery and compact power converter that delivers direct high voltage (230V) current and power (250W). It’s the first portable free energy device based on the smart integration of state of the art power conversion and power storage technologies. The panel can be expanded in a modular way with additional lightweight solar panels for super quick and pass through charging.

The battery capacity as well as the incoming and outgoing current can be read continuously via an intelligent charge controller on the back of the solar panel. The time that is left before the solar panel is empty or fully charged is also continuously calculated.

Therefor the Mobisun Pro is also one of the best prepper and survival gear for starting to prep and add to your prepper supply. It’s extremely practical for emergencies, power outages and can e.g. be used to heat up your room or your emergency or survival food.

The panel was developed and produced in the Netherlands (Dutch Design!)


​Charge up anytime, anywhere with this unique portable battery with solar panel with 230V AC, 12V DC and 5V USB output
Direct solar power from a wall socket and enough power to charge a laptop, cook food and play music through a sound system
power up all your 230V devices | very high output (250W continuous, 500W max)
intelligent MPPT charge controller (30% more efficient charging with the sun, even in light cloudy weather)
The Mobisun Pro can be charged in approx. 2.5 hours using the included adapter
Pure sine wave inverter for trouble-free connection of electrical appliances
The Mobisun Pro gives the same power quality as the mains
Additional 100W or 60W solar panels required for fast charging
Only suitable for devices up to 250W


Technical specifications 25W Sun power solar panel with > 20% efficiency
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 55 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm
Output 230V output max 250W continuous max. 500W peak | 12V car plug output, max. 150W continuous | 2 x 5V USB output, max. 3.1A | 2 pin GX16 DC plug 16V ~ 100V inp
Charging Time Fully charged in 16 hours of sunshine | 3.5 to 5 hours when additional Mobisun solar panels are connected | approx. 2.5 hours using the included adapter
Battery 256 Wh LiFePO4 battery | 3000+ charge cycles

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About Mobisun B.V.

Mobisun is a leading Dutch brand in portable solar power products. Mobisun originated from the idea of always being able to absorb the abundant power of nature. And that in a portable, sustainable and environmentally friendly way. So that we are in connection with nature and can connect with each other. This is made possible via our mobile solar panels, advanced power banks and generators.

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