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Connect, collaborate and enhance

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May 11 2023

Metix Video Conferencing is a cloud based app that allows Google Glass to connect to Zoom.

Metix provides enhanced communication, productivity and compliance capabilities.

This is an integrated platform which connects all devices, in real time. Through two-way video and audio the Glass wearer can connect with viewers who access the platform from their desktop or mobile device.

By using Glass, a hands-free device, users are able to work without interruption in a seamless and integrated way.

Glass for Enterprise 2 hardware combined with the robust Metix software changes the way your team can approach their workflow both locally, and in the field.


Hands Free - work whilst mobile
Video Conferencing - collaborate with colleagues
Interactive - immediate action and allocation of appropriate resources
Dashboard - An integrated platform which connects all devices, in real time
Bridge Skill Gap
Access Expert Advice - Reduce down time
Work seamlessly without interruption
Google glass not included with Metix


Areas of Application Resources, Medical, Defence, etc.
Business Efficiency Help reduce down time.
Collaboration Connect with colleagues in real time.
Compliance Ensure all tasks are complete to required standard.
Data Analysis Back end reporting on system efficiencies.
Hands free operating Hands free video conferencing.
Inspection Full Audit trails back to central control systems.
Maintenance Remote maintenance assistance with remote experts.
Optimisation Less manual paper work means more time on tools.
Safety Improved vision with augmented reality overlays.

Relative Business Impact

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About Chironix

Chironix is a software engineering company developing technologies that will optimise human potential. We see the future workplace as one where humans can work with reliable machine systems in a native manner. We are embracing the technology of Industry 4.0, using robotics automation, machine learning, cloud computing and wearable devices to deliver human-centred products which improve work safety and efficiency, and enhance business processes.

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