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Catch every leak with accuracy using next-gen methane detection that scales

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February 22 2024

The methane point instrument from SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions is a continuous methane monitoring system that uses IoT-enabled sensors to detect, locate, and quantify methane emissions. The small, high-precision device can be installed in minutes by field crews without specialized tools. Built-in solar panels provide power and the instrument connects to cellular networks for data transmission. A proprietary algorithm plans optimal placement based on site layout and weather. Once installed, the instrument runs maintenance-free for 10 years. The patent-pending technology identifies when emissions start and stop, triangulates the emission source within 19.7 feet, and quantifies the emission rate within a factor of two (68% confidence interval). It detects leaks as small as 0.6 kg/hr with 90% probability. Its accuracy and sensitivity make the methane point instrument well-suited for 24/7 real-time monitoring of oil and gas facilities to detect leaks for repair and quantify emissions for reporting.

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Pros & Limitations
Self-installed, plug-and-play instrument mounts in minutes with no specialized tools
Instant data streaming upon deployment; access and manage data within our methane digital platform or within your own infrastructure
Maintenance-free with a 10-year lifetime
Next-generation, humidity-controlled, fully calibrated, drift-free methane sensor
Optimized device placement using our prevailing meteorological conditions planning algorithm
Accurate emission localization and rate quantification using our advection-diffusion under turbulent conditions interpretation algorithm
Continuous performance validation and improvement through third-party testing, including Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC) blind tests
Designed to meet emerging US regulatory requirements
Versatile mounting, power, and connectivity options
Specification Title Specification Description
Detects leaks as small as 0.6 kg/h with 90% probability
Emission localization
Locates the emission source within 19.7 ft [6 m]
Estimates leak rate within a factor of two, 68% confidence
Plug and play, self-install
Mounts in minutes with no specialized tools


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